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Empowering women – Advancing sport

Our story began in 1994 with the first World Conference on Women and Sport in Brighton, UK and the debut of the Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport. Chapter by chapter our story has continued with the help of thousands of dedicated women and men the world over.

Our independent coordinating body is currently located in Auckland, New Zealand for the 2018-2022 quadrennial term and led by renowned international experts in the field who contribute their unique expertise to achieving the IWG’s mission: Empowering women - Advancing sport


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Past IWG World Conferences And Their Legacies

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The IWG World Conferences on Women and Sport are milestone events, which every four years focus global attention on specific goals and action steps aimed at offering men and women equal opportunities in the sport arena.

The economic, social and cultural impact of the many hundreds of delegates representing nations from all continents is significant and has resulted in concrete benefits for the previous host countries.

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IWG Latest News

New Zealand takes the reins for women and girls sport globally on the eve of Suffrage 125 anniversary in Aotearoa

New Zealand is now the official host nation for the International Working Group on Women and Spor

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7th IWG World Conference Comes To An End- Legacy Revealed

The 7th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport today closed with the presentation of the legacy

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“Call to complete the IWG Progress Report questionnaire”

A key part of the IWG’s work is to monitor progress for women and sport. At every World Conference since 1994 in Brighton, UK, a Progress Report has been published. The current Progress Report project is being conducted by an international team of researchers chaired by Professor Kari Fasting ( from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. The questionnaire monitoring the progress on women and sport has recently been sent out to all signatories of the Brighton Declaration and the Brighton + Helsinki Declaration. If you know your organization is among the signatories, please check that it has been received and answered.

The aim of the questionnaire is to collect information on developments that have taken place with respect to girls and women in sport and/or physical activity worldwide since 2013. The developments worldwide for women and sport was made available to all 2018 World Conference participants in the form of a quadrennial Progress Report on Women and Sport.


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