NOWSPAR Presents at Physical Education Conference in Lusaka

Picture: Ari Koivu

The Ministry of Education of Zambia convened the National Conference of Physical Education Teachers in Lusaka, capital of Zambia 29th – 31st August. The conference hosted key stakeholders in physical education and sport from across the country.  

The conference discussed a review of the Physical Education Curriculum of Zambia. In particular, the review process and Examinations, in addition to reporting on activities and developments at provincial level were presented at the conference.

National Organisation for Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recration, NOWSPAR, among other stakeholders  gave a presentation on its contribution to physical education and sport in the country.

A speaker at the conference, NOWSPAR General Secretary Ms. Lombe Mwambwa, highlighted the Advocacy work that NOWSPAR undertakes to implement policy processes, that influence practitioners to take cognizance of gender factors in their work. This includes raising public awareness of women’s right to sport, and physical education in addition to supporting communities to develop sport and recreation clubs and areas.

The focus of Ms Mwambwa’s presentation was on the Guiding Principles of addressing Gender Based Violence in sport and the progress made in that process. She said: "Physical Education is a right: we have a responsibility to secure this right. One way is to facilitate a safe environment that will support girls’ participation, the Guiding Principles on GBV are providing a tool to enable us move from policy intentions to tangible action."

Key discussions covered strategies for reaching rural areas, addressing cultural based barriers such as perceptions of appropriate clothing and women’s place in community life.

Considering the high levels of interest demonstrated by the delegates, it was recommended that a longer session to deliberate on gender issues and women’s participation in physical education and sport should be included in the next conference.

Other stakeholders at the event who had speakers included the Ministry of Sport, Japaneese International Cooperation (JICA), the Olympic Youth Development Centre, the University of Zambia, Sport in Action and Edusport Foundation.

The conference was attended by over 50 delegates including officials of the ministry of education, senior education standards officers, national executive members of the association, provincial head teachers’ association chairpersons and lecturers from colleges of education.  

NOWSPAR to Present at ‘Creating Change Conference 2011’

NOWSPAR has been invited to present at the Conference on Women and Physical Activity to be held on 2nd November 2011 at the University of Minnesota, USA. The Conference is convened by the Tucker Center for Research on Women and Sport.

The presentation titled ‘She Leads: dynamics around the low levels of women’s engagement in sport leadership in Zambia’ will be presented by Ms. Matilda Lucas and Ms. Lombe Mwambwa. The presentation will focus on the realities of women’s engagement in leadership in the sport sphere.


The presentation will be given under one of the Conference themes: Women in Positions of Power.

Other conference themes include Media and Inclusion. The conference will also include poster presentations on various issues including gender verifications, activism, research and sexuality among other topics.


The Conference will be in the form of lectures and discussions and given along thematic groupings.

The Key Note Speaker at the Conference is Dr. Don Sabo, former trustee of the Women's Sports Foundation, who earlier this year participated on a Panel discussion with NOWSPAR Director Ms. Matilda Mwaba, Prof. Kari Fasting and IWG Chair Raija Mattila at the NGO CSW parallel to the UN CSW in New York, which was co-ordinated by Women Sport International and IWG & Women Sport Foundation in February this year.


To keep up to date with all the latest conference information and other news, visit Tucker Center


Text: Lombe Mwambwa